Friday, November 2, 2012

Home Sweet Home

So its CC time over at UKS and I decided to have a go at Di O's class for a Home Wreath.  Unfortunately the powers that be at UKS have decided to make it impossible for me to post it... but hey ho here it is:

It was a real labour of love as I had thrown away several little houses and rubbish card stock the day before I had my eureka moment!!!

Basically,I struggled to get my head around the class as I didn't have a chipboard ring or anything similar.  However,  after a sleepless night I found my most important supply in the loft, amongst the Christmas decorations.  In other words the wreath ring for our annual holly wreath.  (thank you Pinterest).  Meanwhile I had a roll of "stuff" left over from a wedding at work.  Its just a roll of sheer fabric that I thought one day I might  make into roses using my heat gun.  After cutting it into pieces approx 1" by 5.5" I set about knotting it around both parts of the ring.  

Using a   file I made a cute gingerbread house that was liberally punched to allow a tea light (battery operated of course) to shine through.  I know it's not your usual gingerbread house colours but I was guided by the "stuff" and the fact that I still had some doodlebug glitter paper in my stash! 

Being a bit of a goody two shoes I was a bit worried that my efforts started to look nothing like the example in the class.  Yes it was wreath, and yes I had used a house.  So.... in order to keep things (in my mind) on the straight and narrow I had no choice but to use Tim Holtz's tattered florals.  

I duly cut several florals using the Sir Tim's cutting die but instead of using paper I used old aluminium food dishes.  (How sad is it that I keep these things)  I also bled quite a lot in the process and have several cuts on my hands as a testiment to the benefits of recycling!

After cutting said florals, I set about painting them all with white gesso.  Once dry, I put them through the cuttlebug in an embossing folder.  After embossing and using a file I rubbed off some of the paint to reveal the silver underneath.  

Back to the class..... I layered the florals, not quite in the same way, but bent and curled them to make a lovely 3D effect and 

finished them off with very old marcasite type buttons. VOILA! 


  1. That's stunning Tink. What a shame the gallery rejected you! Hilary x

  2. Beautiful Tink - you need more practice uploading because it would have been a great addition to the gallery!

  3. That is really lovely Tinks and well worth all the effort you have put into it.

  4. Stunning Tink, well worth the blood loss xx Janet F

  5. Beautiful Tink! really stunning work :) hugs x