Monday, March 23, 2009

Monday Morning Blues NOT!

Its been a good start to the week. I just love Monday mornings because I can go and look for all the new challenges (sad). Anyway this week's have inspired me. I've got three LO's to complete, Scrap like you mean it, UKS weekly challenge and C4E's sketch challenge. I'm ok with all them. I'm going to use SLYMI and C4E's sketches to crack on with Mum's book and the weekly challenge gives me a chance to use some of the photographs I've taken as part of my photography evening class. Excellent. Alls well that ends well. Watch this space!!!!!
Another thing! My lovely neighbour Kelly having visited my blog has hobbled over (she's just had a leg op) to give me some of her precious art books so that I can continue to create. Kelly you're an absolute star and I'm soooo lucky you live next door. I promise I'll look after them :)I'm still busy creating with my beautiful new stamps and will upload pics soon but I created yet ANOTHER Hello Kitty. This time for Freddie's girlfriend Sophie. I gave him a choice of cards and I think the sparkly paper on this one did it for him. Her birthday was on Friday and he's still got the gift bag (containing lovely cuddly bear, heart shaped box filled with Raspberry Jelly Bellys and a bottle of designer perfume (all bought by good old mum) and card in his room. Methinks he's in practice to be a REAL man. Poor girl.

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