Sunday, March 29, 2009

SLYMI challenge

OK, this was made for UKS's Scrap Like You Mean Challenge The sketch was very simple and I adapted it to fit in with an on-going project - my Mum's Life in Pictures Album. So.... At least I have page 1 and the Wissenden Page done. Also Michele over at C4E has posted a couple of challenge sketches which means I can continue to be stretched and carry on with the family stuff. Phew!
This LO is of my maternal Grandparents William and Violet Waggot. They were married on Christmas Day 1926 in a tiny church in the Village of Hoo, Kent. My Nan was tiny, 4' 11" and my grandfather so tall and upright. Sadly I have no memories of him without a stick but I'll always remember how strong and upright he was when he gave me away at my Wedding in March 1977 and how determined he was to hide his stick. Sadly Nan wasn't at that wedding, we lost her 2 years earlier. She would not have been happy at me being married that day "Too Young!" she would have said. And do you know something? she was right.

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