Tuesday, January 19, 2010

January 19th 2010

Its that time of the week again when I do my best to complete the Crafts4Eternity Recipe Challenge. This week it was use the sketch, use colours I don't like and include rik rak.
As I was on standby this afternoon I could do very little else but sit by the computer. I got to thinking about the so-called "hand crafted cards" we see in all the major stores. Most of them are just printed cards with an element stuck on here and there. As I had some thank you cards to make I thought what a good way that would be to set up a production line. I used Serif Page Plus and Serif Draw plus to create the card you see below. Printed it on to some quality linen card and then added an element or two. What I thought was a 5 minute job took all afternoon. However, the leg work is done now and I can just run one off whenever I need to.
I can definitely see that as a full time worker digi might be the way to go. Having said that..... there's no substitute for stroking papers, using glue and get busy with the water colours!
This is the original card printed onto good quality linen paper:

and here is the final article. Just like M&S.... printed with bits stuck on! TYFL


  1. Great idea, might have to steal that one. It has turned out really great and you got the sketch to a tee! Thanks for joining us again Tink at C4E. Hugs

  2. gorgeous tink! love the idea! thanks for joining us at c4e this week hugs mx