Sunday, January 24, 2010

January Week 3 Challenge - Sloane Ranger?

This week's UKS Challenge was quite simple. Scrap a piece of history. I spent several hours going through loads of old photographs (getting quite weepy at times). I didn't personally choose this picture, Beatrice found it. I set about creating the LO using a kit I bought from Surbiton Scrappers (which I think was a Scrapaway kit). Changed the papers very slightly and then called the family to a conference. I put 4 different pics on the LO and asked them which I should use. A misty eyed Mr. Tink chose this one as did the children.

The history..... back in the 1980's when Lady Diana (soon to be the Princess of Wales) hit the Kensington circuit a new breed of young people were born. They were to become known as Sloane Rangers. The uniform usually consisted of twin sets and pearls. A Jacque Vert blouse with massive bows, big collars and a demure look. Diana was the epitome of the look. We were all meant to go around saying "OK Yaaaa!" and guffaw a lot. In reality we were just a bunch of ordinary young girls who liked to look nice. We weren't debs or socialites, we made sure our hair looked good, our skin glowed and we were tidy!

A funny story attached to this look: I was in a club in Beckenham, (posh Kent) when I was approached by a young man.... he asked if he could buy me a drink (which I refused because I wasn't that impressed), he asked if I would dance (which again I refused) and he then went on to bemoan how all Sloane Rangers were the same. Up themselves! I wasn't sure whether to be flattered or insulted LOL. In the event I visited my sister the next day and asked her if she knew what a Sloane Ranger was...... she went to the drinks cabinet, pulled out her cocktail book and said "its not in here.... so it can't be that good"!!!!

Happy days.


  1. Great job Tink, and stunning photo!!!

  2. oh tink waht a fab lo and story! the photo is beautiful! I'd not heard of sloane rangers! hugs mx

  3. Fab LO Tink, & I love that flower - love the pic too, really classic, which for the 80's is definately an achievement!!