Sunday, July 10, 2016


Hello it's been a while.....

Over at UKS they're having a summer photograph scavenger hunt.  As all things scrapping and crafty are limited by circumstances at Hamilton Towers I thought I'd join in the fun and try to earn some points for Scrap Happy.  I'll be popping back in to update the list as I manage to find the perfect picture, please feel free to stop by and say hello.  

Here's the list:

1.     Vapour trails or clouds 

Low cloud over the Shanghai financial district 2nd July 2016

2.     A horse drawn vehicle
A lucky find on my way to the village shop.  8th August 2015

3.     Flowers in bloom

Flower garden at the entrance to the Shanghai Science Centre

Hall Place 19th July 2016

4.    A summer job in the garden
Living on a farm means having a pretty big garden!
 Bringing in the first batch of hay 9th July 2016

5.    Something typifying your holiday destination, or your home town if you are planning a staycation

A view of Dorking from Box Hill 17th July 2016

6.    Hats

Gorgeous Panda Hats A.P. Market Shanghai 2nd July 2016
Bangkok 25th August 2016

7.     Ice Cream

Coconut Ice Cream served in a coconut and smothered with chocolate sauce
Bangkok 125th August 2016

8.     Kites or balloons

Random kites on a wall outside A.P. Mareket Shanghai 2nd July 2016

9.     Bubbles
Hot tub fun int he garden 24th July 2016
Pink Champagne after a long day
Johannesburg 17th August 2016

10.    Ducks, swans or seabirds

River Cray running through Hall Place, Bexley 19th July 2016
11.    Summer sunrise or sunset

Sunset over London at 30,000 feet 9th July 2016

12.    Eating al fresco
Sunday evening at the Plough, Rusper 16th July 2016

13.    Somewhere you would only visit when the sun shines
The gorgeous pool at Palazzo Monte Casine, Jo'berg

14.    Flags or bunting
Patriotic Rabbit, The Plough, Rusper July 2016

15.    Summer shoes
14th July 2016 - will it ever stop raining?

16.    Fruit growing, in the garden, on a tree, or in the hedgerow
Anyone who knows me and my gardening skills will recognise this achievement!
July 9th 2016

17.    Water

Bangkok 25th August 2016

18.    Umbrellas
Palazzo |Monte Casino, Jo'berg 18th August 2016

19.    Glasses
Cocktails!  Jo'berg 17th August 2016

20.    Fete, fair or festival
Battle Proms, Highclere House 6th August 2016

And don’t forget the photo of you.

ME! Hats and Glasses

ME! Glasses (Again)


  1. So pleased you are joining us - fab photos!
    Sue x

  2. These are awesome photos Tink! Looking forward to seeing the rest too. Love the kites!

  3. Love the hats and yor summer shoes made me smile. Well done on finishing the list!
    Sue x