Monday, March 23, 2015

BB Bird

Let me introduce you to the rare and beautiful Lesser Spotted BB Bird.  

Easily recognisable by her beautiful plumage she is rarely seen during daylight hours, although
 there some rare sitings of her in the Queenwood Library,  mostly during the day she recharges her batteries to enable her to sparkle at night.  She can often been seen at all the well known watering holes in Brighton and Eastbourne during the hours of darkness especially on a Monday.  As with all rare species it is hard to determine her diet.  It is thought that during the day she lives on the eggs of other species (hens in particular) and at night she will feast on the delicacy known as KEE BAB.   

Although fiercely independent, she often returns to the mother bird's nest for free laundry and endless fridge opportunities.  She is also known for her hunting and tracking capabilities.  It does not take her long to track down the father bird when grant and bank let her down to enable her to continue her sparkling activities. 

Another trait of her uniqueness is her ability to call the auntie bird during the hours of darkness (in particular between 2 am and 5am) without even trying!  The auntie bird will always smile fondly accepting karma and the rite of passage as will the BB bird when the Megan or Shannon birds spread their wings.  

As you can see she is beautiful, unique and loved by everyone who knows her. 


  1. She's one of a kind but I think she must take after the Maman Bird.

  2. Caw... What a quacker that BB bird is. Fab job

  3. Fantastic and I love the story too. Make sure it is printed out and kept with the bird.