Thursday, April 23, 2009

Cards for boys!

April's a bad month for male birthdays. 3 in one week! Firstly there was Eddie's 20th I made a Blues Brother card for him but it didn't scan so well, then came Charlie's 13th and then my brother's 54th. I always find male cards so difficult, there's an abundance of stuff out there to create beautiful girly cards but so little for our boys, unless they're heavily into gardening, golf, fishing or sport. I don't often use humour in my cards but after visiting the Ally Pally at the weekend and seeing the Ethel and Murray stamps I just had to do this one for Edward. He always teases me and either calls me Little Sis or Number 2 Tart (I'm one of three sisters!).


  1. Love the Ethel and Murray card Tinks,it's great.
    Julie x