Monday, April 13, 2009

I'm on a mission!!

Ok, the race is on for Glitz and Glamour Girlz to be the best.
So here goes: April Challenge for Green Button Room.
Its at times like this I think I'm reliving my childhood. Green Button Room sounds like something from that TV show Playschool. You know the one......
"Hello Children, what shall we do today? I know, lets look through the ROUND window and see what we can cut and stick! Shall we make a picture for the GREEN BUTTON ROOM?"

Anyway I digress. Fact is I love cutting and sticking and painting and colouring so will continue to do it and pretend I'm a very grown up kind of person.
Back to the April Challenge. This was by no means aimed at your simple Playschooler. We had to take inspiration from the most boring poem I've ever had the misfortune to read by a chap called Henry Wadsworth Longfellow (18707 - 1882). Its called "An April Day" and goes on for far too many verses. Anyway, to cut what could become a long story short I took my inspiration from the first verse and this morning headed to our woods armed with my camera.
Some of you may not be aware that I'm planning to scrap the farm in a year. So, all whinging aside this was quite a good project. It involved me grovelling on a bank amongst bluebells (which sadly were not all out) and wedging myself with my foot against a tree whilst I got in real close to take some pics. Lily and Jasper (the naughty Yorkies) were a bit bemused by this and came and sat on my head and yapped in my face. Thank goodness Mr. Tink's was on hand to haul me up when I'd finished or I would have slid straight into the stream.
Once home and printing pictures I pulled out my super April kit from Crafts4Eternity and had a lovely time matching papers and embellishments. I went on to spend a happy afternoon in playschool cutting and sticking and colouring and generally having a great time.
The first verse of the poem (and my journalling) is :

"When the warm sun, that brings
Seed-time and harvest, has returned again,
T'is sweet to visit the still wood, where springs
The first flower of the plain"


  1. Hi tink! fab lo i love the photos! def worth the effort of getting them. Cant wait to see the rest of the year on your farm! I will have to get on with my scrapping and not let the girlz down!!! lol hugs mx

  2. Gorgeous layout Tink! I still haven't managed to wade through the boredom of that poem to even think about doing that challenge! :P

  3. Love this layout Tink, I love how you do the swirly things on the page - How dou do it!!!
    take care hugs xx