Friday, October 10, 2014

What better way to spend a wet Friday

other than messing about with paper and glue!

I've been invited to my first Baby Shower on Sunday.  It's my first because when I was having babies the craze for all things American hadn't quite hit the UK.   My lovely adopted daughter Shelly asked me to help her make a nappy cakefir her brother Mark and sister in law Tammy.  My first thought was yeuuurrrkkk why would anyone want to eat a cake that looks like a nappy whether it was full or otherwise.  Anyway a quick explanation as to what it actually is "Diaper Cake" to use the correct description had me heading over to Pinterest for inspiration.

At about the same the wonderful guys at SVG cuts published their newest Tiny Miracle file.  So I was all set to go.   The first big shock was that the "cake" requird SEVENTY diapers!  sorry disposable nappies.  With only a couple of days to get this thing underway I made an order from for delivery first thing.  In the event, because they couldn't honour my original order so they sent substitutions and a got  enough to make TWO nappy, sorry Diaper, cakes :) for less than £13!  So if anyone out there wants to invite me to a baby shower..... 😍

Meanwhile I got to watching the video and cutting the bits I needed.  As always, these things take much more card stock than you realise but  I was determined to use only stuff in my stash.  I have to start using it up to give me an excuse to buy more.  I used the dimensions offered by SVG cuts but this left me with a "cake" I was embarrassed to own.  It showed too much of the diapers, I mean nappies for my liking.  After a quick trash of the card stock used to date and an improvisation with my own measurements I finally succeeded in something I'm happy to give. 

Hope you like it too 


  1. Well done you looks good but not good enough to eat when you consider what it's made of :D

  2. Fabulous Tink looks amazing hugs xx